MEEHU is a private event. MEEHU has a contract with the venue and has final say in room allocation and attendance. MEEHU reserves the right to refuse admittance or to eject people from the event space at any time and at its sole discretion. By purchasing a ticket and/or entering the event space you are agreeing to these terms and to abide by these and any other rules MEEHU or its organizers or staff may apply.

While these rules are subject to reasonable change at any time, here are the official rules of MEEHU as of July 1, 2015. Please review. If you have questions, please discuss on the FetLife thread here: or email one of the Con organizers.

Rules of Conduct

The Activity, as defined in the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT, takes place in the Convention Space or “Conspace”. Conspace is defined as all convention-only accessible areas in the first floor meeting areas and convention-only accessible areas of the west tower, such as the 10th floor. This includes classroom space, hallways, stairways, the Con Suite and any private rooms that are open to the public for things like vending, demonstrations or parties. Private rooms, when closed to the public, are not considered Conspace. Public space is anywhere non-MEEHU people may be such as the hotel lobby, swimming pool, restaurant, elevators, hallways, outdoors, etc. Conspace exists as long as the area is controlled by MEEHU, so basically from Thursday evening to Monday noon, even if convention activities are not going on at the time.

Unless noted, violation of any of these rules is cause for expulsion from MEEHU without refund.

1. You must be at least 18 years old and a registered and paid-up attendee to be in Conspace. Minors and persons allowing minors to enter will be ejected.

2. DO. NOT. TRANCE. ANYONE. WITHOUT. PRIOR. CONSENT. No outright trancing with triggers or inductions. No covert hypnosis. No NLP.


Always get permission before initiating a scene or trance of any kind. No means no, once a person says no, do not ask again: wait for them to reopen the discussion. Please let the DMs know prior to starting a consensual non-consent scene in Conspace.

3. Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs

  • The hotel is non-smoking. Please go outside the hotel if you wish to smoke.
  • No alcohol in Conspace. Alcohol in private rooms is permitted, but public drunkenness (defined at the discretion of the con staff) will result in being sent back to your room until you sober up. If you are having a party, please hide or remove any alcohol during the party.
  • The legal drinking age in Illinois is 21. Anyone serving alcohol to people under 21 will be expelled from the convention as will the underage drinker.
  • No illegal drugs. Prescription drugs may not be shared. Persons with marijuana, medical or otherwise, who smoke it or display it in Conspace will be asked to leave.

4. As per hotel rules, only hotel food and drink may be consumed in the meeting area and in public areas of the hotel. Violators will be asked to take their food up to their room to consume it.

5. No open flames as per local fire code. This means no candles, lighters, or fire play.

6. No photography or other recordings in the Conspace. Photography and other recording is allowed in private rooms only with the express permission of everyone in the picture/recording.

7. Appropriate dress and conduct for the convention includes:

Outside of con space: Please dress and act vanilla.
In the Con Suite: No nudity or play except for hypnosis.
During classes: No nudity unless appropriate in the context of the class/demo.
Play party:
Blue room: A quiet space for hypnosis play. Keep sexual activities above the waist
Rainbow room: A louder, brighter room for hypnosis play. Keep sexual activities above the waist.
Red Room/Dungeon: No genital-to-genital or mouth-to-genital contact; hand-to-genital contact is allowed. (Genitalia = penis, vulva, anus.) “Edgy” play is OK but if you’re doing something intense you should check in with a DM. Fluids must be contained; don’t get blood on the hotel. If you are using sharps, provide your own sharps container.
Aftercare room: A quiet space to recover, no scenes or sexual activity.
Private party on the party floor: Almost anything legal goes, except:
– No alcohol. Alcohol and hypnosis do not mix.
– Do not damage the hotel room. Do not attach anchor points to walls or ceiling. The hotel is not built for that.
– If you are doing BDSM, edge play or heavy sexual play, please close your door in the same way as the main Con Suite door. If in doubt, close your door.
Privately, in your own hotel room: Anything legal goes as long as you do not damage the hotel or annoy your neighbors

8. Respect the Con staff and DMs. If you do not, you will be asked to leave.

9. Respect our neighbors. There are other guests in this hotel. When in Public space, including the swimming pool, behave and dress appropriately (vanilla).

10. Respect other event attendees. Don’t touch anyone or their property (be it people or toybags) without their permission. If it is not yours, don’t mess with it.

11. Respect the space. If you make a mess, clean it up. Wipe down equipment or furniture that you have used with the provided wipes. Throw away your trash.

12. Respect the scenes of others. Don’t disrupt scenes with conversations near them or loud commentary on the actions in progress. Don’t interfere in someone’s scene. If you think a scene is unsafe, ask a DM. Don’t join in a scene without express permission from its participants. Don’t talk to players in the middle of their scene. House safeword is “RED”, house caution word is “YELLOW”. House “I love this” word is “GREEN.” “SAFEWORD” means everyone stop everything immediately. “SAFEWORD” should only be used in case of an emergency.

13. Don’t hog the play furniture. We have limited play equipment. Please share.

14. Only use the blue painters tape to hang things on the walls or doors. Tape is available in the Con Suite and at the Registration table. Remove all signs and posters before checking out of your room.

15. Do not hypnotize the non-MEEHU guests. Avoid loud discussions or any demonstrations of erotic hypnosis in public areas.

16. Have fun and enjoy yourself. (Failure to enjoy yourself is its own punishment. You will probably not be asked to leave if you violate this rule.)

Pointed Reminders and Helpful Tips:

Don’t be a jerk.

Don’t jump into conversations and trance people without warning, that’s rude. Yes, even if they know you. Yes, even if they’d think it was funny. Just don’t.

Respect everyone, all the time. Including the entire hotel staff.

We repeat: No photography in public spaces. No, not even if you ask. You never know. In your own room? As long as everyone in the room is cool with it, go for it.

There will be a space set aside for public Bondage and Discipline play. Please do not hook restraints or other items to walls, ceilings, doors, or otherwise risk damage to the hotel. Please do not perform anything other than casual/incidental/very light BDSM play in non-BDSM spaces.

Excessive volume or disruption from room parties which causes the hotel management to get complaints may result in you being asked to leave. Parties are limited to the party floor. Quiet conversation and trancing in one’s own room is not defined as a party.

Improper (adult) behavior in public spaces which causes the hotel management to get complaints may result in you being asked to leave.

We are sharing the hotel with several other groups. Please use good judgement when discussing hypnosis with or around other guests. Please limit any demonstrations to vanilla activities and suggestions if you are in a public place.

MEEHU takes no position on fundraisers or other methods individuals may use to finance their MEEHU adventure. However, MEEHU is not responsible for any terms or conditions of any such fundraisers. Any incentive or reward which requires Con space, time, or resources MUST be approved by the Con, in advance, or it will be removed from Con schedules and space.

2 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Zanymo

    Do you have a harassment policy in place? Who shall we come to should something happen that is outside the above rules or the outlined policy?


  2. Paul

    If you believe someone is violating the rules contact one of the Convention Committee members. To quickly find a Concom member, check with security. During convention hours security should be near the convention entrance. Security can contact a Concom member. If it is happening at the evening play party, report it to the Dungeon Master.


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