MEEHU 1 Play Party Information!

Link to this post and group discussion on FetLife:

We will be having TWO exciting nights with play parties, Friday 10PM-2AM and Saturday 9PM-2AM.

During these times, conference space rooms will be available for hypnotic (and kinky) playtime. To set the mood, we will have a few rooms with themes:

The RED room
Passion, pain, pleasure, find a traditional dungeon environment with dungeon furniture and music with a great beat.

The BLUE room
Quiet, serene, peaceful, a place to focus on your scene and enjoy some relaxing mood lighting.

The RAINBOW room
Hypnotic lights, colors shifting, maybe they spark your creativity, maybe you just want to sit and focus on them and drift…

Hang out, chat, grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. This room is probably not the best place to play, but an excellent place to talk!

The other suite
An informal play space, no fancy lights or music just couches, beds, and great people!

The Hotel Swimming Pool
We will have the hotel pool to ourselves on Friday night from 10PM-1AM. No nudity is allowed in the swimming pool area.

To make this as successful as possible, we are looking for help with the decor for the party! We are looking for:

Red or blue compact fluorescent light bulbs (or other ways to change the color of hotel lamps, such as lamp covers/fabric)
Red or blue LED or traditional Christmas lights
Rainbow LED lights (non-flashing)
Rainbow hypnotic centerpieces (we will have at least one hypnocube)
Fun things like glow sticks and fiberoptic toys
Hotel door or bed mounted restraints
Music on a flash drive appropriate for rainbow room
Help with decorating/setup at the event
Anything else that you can imagine would fit in with the decor of these rooms

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