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MEEHU 1 Play Party Information!

Link to this post and group discussion on FetLife:

We will be having TWO exciting nights with play parties, Friday 10PM-2AM and Saturday 9PM-2AM.

During these times, conference space rooms will be available for hypnotic (and kinky) playtime. To set the mood, we will have a few rooms with themes:

The RED room
Passion, pain, pleasure, find a traditional dungeon environment with dungeon furniture and music with a great beat.

The BLUE room
Quiet, serene, peaceful, a place to focus on your scene and enjoy some relaxing mood lighting.

The RAINBOW room
Hypnotic lights, colors shifting, maybe they spark your creativity, maybe you just want to sit and focus on them and drift…

Hang out, chat, grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. This room is probably not the best place to play, but an excellent place to talk!

The other suite
An informal play space, no fancy lights or music just couches, beds, and great people!

The Hotel Swimming Pool
We will have the hotel pool to ourselves on Friday night from 10PM-1AM. No nudity is allowed in the swimming pool area.

To make this as successful as possible, we are looking for help with the decor for the party! We are looking for:

Red or blue compact fluorescent light bulbs (or other ways to change the color of hotel lamps, such as lamp covers/fabric)
Red or blue LED or traditional Christmas lights
Rainbow LED lights (non-flashing)
Rainbow hypnotic centerpieces (we will have at least one hypnocube)
Fun things like glow sticks and fiberoptic toys
Hotel door or bed mounted restraints
Music on a flash drive appropriate for rainbow room
Help with decorating/setup at the event
Anything else that you can imagine would fit in with the decor of these rooms

MEEHU Goodies – Brought to You By… You!

You know that wonderful happy feeling of having home-baked baked goods to share amongst friends? And that exquisite joy that comes from making a something edible that is so very tasty for the tummies of your favorite people?

If these are things that make you perk up, here’s how you can get your baking on for MEEHU!

We’re looking for random tasty treats from you for the snack table during the party (and other random times.)

Items should not require any refrigeration or prep/assembly by con staff.


Home made goodness in loaf form (banana bread, zucchini bread, chocolate pound cake)
Muffins or cupcakes
More cookies

Quick links to get started at MEEHU!

Many nifty and helpful links, for your MEEHU convenience!

Buy your tickets here!

Hotel Booking information here! (phone only)

Need a ride from the airport?

Or perhaps a roommate?

Check out our amazing list of presentations!

And our tentative schedule:

We always need more volunteers!

Don’t forget to join our Fetlife group at for discussion of the event.

Transportation Information (Keep Checking.)

There is no direct public transport from the hotel to the two main airports, sorry. If you can rent a car or afford an taxi, please share if at all possible. There is a ridesharing thread on the MEEHU group on FetLife.

If you hire a taxi, be very careful. Taxi companies in Chicago tend to be rather cut-throat. It is not unheard of for taxi drivers to claim to be a company who’d been called for a reservation and then jack up the price because they were not in fact the taxi company that had been called. Don’t accept rides from people at the airport who claim to be taxi, limo, or shuttle drivers: pick up a taxi at the marked taxi stands.

Taxis should run you about 40 to 60 dollars from O’Hare to the hotel in Glendale Heights. Most legit taxi drivers will let you add a passenger for an extra $2.00, so you can split that up. Just ask them when you call so you can be sure.

American Taxi is by far the most inexpensive shuttle service out here.…

Shuttle Express

American Coach Limo company

Thursday and Friday Venue Alert – Non-Attendees May Be Present!

Please note that the Con does not officially take over the third floor of the Hotel until 3 PM on Friday afternoon. Members of the general public MAY BE PRESENT until Friday afternoon. They may be late – you know how people are – so PLEASE act accordingly and be considerate of the fact that non-attendees may be on the con floor until late Friday afternoon.

Also, members of the general public may be in rooms directly below us during the entire Con. PLEASE keep room parties to a reasonable volume level.


Friday Night Hypnosis Show – Please Note!

Note that HypnosisEnthusiast will be giving his amazing stage hypnosis show on Friday night. While we encourage everyone who’s interested to attend, space will be limited as the Con is restricted to the third floor of the hotel so the room is only as big as it is.

The Unconference space will also be available for impromptu fun and of course MEEHU people are always capable of coming up with something interesting to do. Please plan accordingly!

MEEHU Schedule Grid Is Up!

The MEEHU Schedule Grid is up and available for viewing! Please note that the schedule will be changing up to and during the con as more people have more cool ideas!

MEEHU Schedule Grid:

Classes, Presenters, the actual schedule and the “Who’s Coming When?” are all on separate tabs, which you view by clicking on their names at the bottom of the screen. Don’t forget to add yourself to the “Who’s Coming When?” list – just put in your name, and tell everybody when you’ll be there!

Scholarships Closed

Please note that MEEHU scholarship applications are now closed. If you put in an application and have not heard, you are still being considered, but no more applications can be accepted.

Please note that there are still Volunteer positions which need filling, and volunteers get free admission in exchange for at least 12 hours of volunteer labor. See the “Volunteer Opportunities” post for more information!

Organizer Change

MEEHU has accepted Marc Cabot’s request to withdraw as one of the con’s primary organizers. While Marc (aka dreamsofcontrol) will still be assisting with logistics and operations, due to other commitments he will not be able to participate in the con’s administration. Inquiries about con-related matters should be directed to HypnoMaestro, Mephki, MissIsis, or HypnoInamorata. Thanks!